According to Filipino history, the Kampilan is believed to be the sword that struck down the famous explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, at the hands of the legendary Chief, Lapu-lapu.  Originally, dual pointed with a carved hilt, these swords of the Moros of Sulu and Mindanao are carried by warriors who are in the first line of defense. They are considered the national weapon of the Moros of Sulu & Mindanao.  History shows a single swinging motion (like a baseball bat swing), can chop two heads ( what these swords are designed for) at a time.  It is believed to be the longest sword carried by the Filipino warriors. 

The Kampilan  is a heavy double pointed sword with a rich history in the Philippines.  As maintained by tradition, the Kampilan is about 40" to 44" with a carved hilt with a single edge. Kampilans were widely used as "head-hunting" swords on enemies in the southern Philippines.  The handle is shaped like a jaw of reptile lizards and alligator makes this sword unique in appearance.  In the past, strands of hair are attached to the pommel of the handle for a more appealing and intimidating look.

Blade Length:25.25"
Overall Length: 36"


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