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At TFW, we work hard to preserve ancient culture making all our swords and knives and impact weapons the way they once were.

Go to to look at all the various ancient TFW made weapons on the [...]

Buying gift for someone off the TFW Web Site creates nothing but happiness…

Birthdays, Christmas along with the other holidays, anniversary presents, you name it. You want to [...]

The TFW Garab Knife, a very different type of ancient fighting knife…

You would really like the Garab Knife. The perfect fighting knife with a long history [...]

The TFW Panabas

We still have the Panabas. Look at the craftsmanship of this ancient killing devise in [...]

Sword Collectors all want the Swords From Krabi Krabong. Get them on the TFW web site!

If you are a sword collector especially a sword collector of various different cultures. We [...]

A cool looking eye-candy video on the many weapons of TFW…

I created another trendy video younger people seem to like nowadays – You can [...]

TFW T-shirts are cool looking…

We have a couple of TFW T-shirts that do look nice. They represent the weapons. [...]

Are you a bladed weapons collector? Then check out TFW items…

On the TFW web site, you will easily be a kid in a candy store. [...]

The Karambit from Southern Mindanao…

There is a heavy influence in Southern Mindanao in their martial arts from Indonesia. Many [...]

The Garab Sword, do you own one? Check this out…

The Garab sword is not heard of too much being its a more ancient sword [...]

The perfect self defense knife, the TFW Bowie Knife…

Before you read below, check out this Bowie Knife beauty video – Everyone always [...]

The TFW Sansibar #1…

The title shows it is #1…thats one out of a very large Sansibar collection found [...]

The Garab knife, you will love this one…

The Garab knife is a very good fighting knife. Its been around a long time. [...]

The TFW Lahot explained briefly in a video…

The TFW Lahot is one must have for sword, or bladed weapons collectors in general. [...]

An Interview With Ron Kosakowski on FMA’s & Weapons of FMA’s…

NAME: Ron Kosakowski ART: Kuntao, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Inosanto Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, [...]

Dumog? What is Dumog?

I have always found Dumog and its history to be quite interesting. What I can [...]

Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS
By Ron Kosakowski

Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS By Ron Kosakowski It seems like home invasions even car [...]

Training weapons needed?

This is an all-in-one view for people who did not know we have training knives, [...]

The Knife Junkie Pod Cast

Check out Episode #56 on a Podcast called, The Knife Junkie.I am interviewed there for [...]

The TFW Straight Kris used on the TV show, ARROW – by Ron Kosakowski

I think you folks will find this to be quite interesting. The TFW Straight Kris [...]

An interview with Ron Kosakowski; an interview from the Ukraine…

If by chance you folks are interested, check out this interview from the Ukraine to [...]

Why do we train the ways of the ancient warriors?

Why is it that we train in so hard in martial arts, whether it be [...]

The History and Culture behind Filipino Weapons

Now this is based on knowledge I have acquired during my various Philippine trips over [...]

Misconceptions of the Moro Barong…

The Moro Barong is one of the weapons of certain Kuntao styles in the Philippines. [...]

What is this non-weapon oriented style called, Jeet Kune Do?

The founder and originator of Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do was [...] had a name change…

Just in case you did not notice, once called “Traditional Filipino Weapons” is now [...]

Does the word Kali actually exist?

Kali has been a controversial word for many years. i have heard this controversy that [...]

Hot New Product Release – The Minasbad Sword

Measurements. Overall length: 27 ¾ inches Blade length: 20 ¾ inches Maximum blade thickness at [...]

TFW Tribal Music CD Release.

Post by Traditional Filipino Weapons.

One of the ways we practice sword fighting

At the Practical Self Defense Training Center In Waterbury, Connecticut, you will see in the [...]

Showing off TFW bladed weapon durability

Here in our video below is a whole different way to show durability of our [...]