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Buying gift for someone off the TFW Web Site creates nothing but happiness…

Birthdays, Christmas along with the other holidays, anniversary presents, you name it. You want to [...]

Sword Collectors all want the Swords From Krabi Krabong. Get them on the TFW web site!

If you are a sword collector especially a sword collector of various different cultures. We [...]

A cool looking eye-candy video on the many weapons of TFW…

I created another trendy video younger people seem to like nowadays – You can [...]

Are you a bladed weapons collector? Then check out TFW items…

On the TFW web site, you will easily be a kid in a candy store. [...]

Training weapons needed?

This is an all-in-one view for people who did not know we have training knives, [...]

Hot New Product Release – The Minasbad Sword

Measurements. Overall length: 27 ¾ inches Blade length: 20 ¾ inches Maximum blade thickness at [...]