Archers Sword


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Blade Length:33″
Overall Length: 41″
POB – 3.5″ ahead of guard

Archers Sword – English Archers were some of the deadliest warriors of the Middle Ages, and their fearsome weapon, the English longbow, was a deadly marvel of engineering. However, if the archers were attacked they would need a close range weapon with which to defend themselves. Rather than carry a full-sized long sword, an archer needed a lighter, shorter weapon, which allowed the him to stay mobile and away from his foes. Yet this sword had to be effective, otherwise the archer would be doomed to enter into close combat. Thus, this sword combines both features into one. It is not very long, with a blade length of only 33 inches, which meant that it is lighter and more maneuverable than a typical broadsword, while still possessing just the right length to make it an effective weapon against a more heavily armed, and armored, enemy. This weapon would later be referred to as an “Archer’s Sword.” The Archers Swords were typically quite simple and required little training to use, particularly since much of the archer’s time was spent in training with the longbow.

Our TFW Archers Sword has a double edged, razor sharp blade that is distal tapered gently from top to bottom, ensuring that the blade has exactly the correct weight and impact, along with a potent thrusting point. The beautiful, scalloped guard curves down and in towards the blade, while the leather wrapped wooden hilt provides a secure grip for wielding this sword.
The solid steel, spherical pommel helps to counterbalance the sword, while being in keeping with its simple along with an unblemished look.