Balisong Knife



Blade Length: 5.25″
Overall Length: 11.25″

Balisong – Balisong knife, is mistakenly called the “butterfly knife” outside of the Philippines. No one really knows where the term, “Butterfly Knife” came from but we all assume it is from the beauty of the way it is opened and how one can switch hands with it so smoothly, it takes on the looks of a butterfly when you watch the nimble-fingered dexterity of an expert user of a Balisong knife.

History on the Balisong knife also seems to be vague though there are many myths and legends for this knife. The Balisong is said to come from France as the country of origin going back to the 1500’s to the 1700’s, which around that time it made its way to the Philippines. It is said that the Balisong was used as a tool in France which evolved into a weapon of self defense in the Philippines due to its size. The Balisong, being a smaller knife than many others in the Philippines makes it easy to carry. Being able to open a concealed Balisong with one hand is a big advantage in a self defense situation.
The Balisong knife is very popular and named after a town in Batangas called the Barrio Balisong in the Philippines. Nowadays, the Balisong is like the “Swiss knife” of the Filipinos, who use it for almost anything. From peeling fruits to chopping food, eating, fixing loose screws, cutting cardboard boxes, and many other things that you can think of, including it’s use for self defense purposes. The Balisong is the only knife that can be opened and closed with grace and style, but it has a bad reputation as a dangerous weapon due to it being used by criminals in movies so often over the years. And with good reason; in the correct hands of a knowledgeable Balisong player, this blade, like any knife, can be very deceivingly deadly.