Blade Length:18.25″

Overall Length: 24.5″

Weight: 1 lb 4.4 oz


Bangkon – A devastating new addition to our TFW arsenal, the Bangkon (also known as Bangkun) is a quick, light blade that is amazingly sharp! This is a Moro sword which has a klewang style of blade, wider near the point than at the hilt. The style of pommel is a horse’s hoof and the handle wood is exotic Adaan. It is used by the Tausug, Yakan, Samal tribes.

Known in the Philippines as the “pregnant” blade for obvious reasons, its weight-forward design makes it hit far harder than you might assume for its size and weight. A different handle treatment is used on this weapon with cord wound tightly over wing-walk rough non-slip material. Finishing off this awesome Bangkon is a decorative hardwood scabbard with spring steel retention clip which snaps over the brass guard to securely hold the blade in place. A quick pull on the weapon handle and the retention clip releases the Bangkon from its scabbard.