Blade Length:18.25″

Overall Length: 24.5″

Weight: 1 lb 4.4 oz


Bangkon – A devastating new addition to our TFW arsenal, the Bangkon (also known as Bangkun) is a quick, light blade that is amazingly sharp! This is a Moro sword which has a klewang style of blade, wider near the point than at the hilt. The style of pommel is a horse’s hoof and the handle wood is exotic Adaan. It is used by the Tausug, Yakan, Samal tribes.

This sword is the perfectly engineered fighting blade as you can see from its design. Its weight-forward design makes it hit far harder than you might assume for its size and weight. A different handle treatment is used on this weapon with cord wound tightly over wing-walk rough non-slip material. Finishing off this awesome Bangkon is a decorative hardwood scabbard with spring steel retention clip which snaps over the brass guard to securely hold the blade in place. A quick pull on the weapon handle and the retention clip releases the Bangkon from its scabbard.