Blade Length:18.50″
Overall Length: 24.50″
Weight is 2 pounds 4 ounces
Banyal – The “banyal” is a Moro weapon of Southern Philippines  with a distinctive hook at the back of its blade. The Banyal is another typical light, quick, and devastating traditional Filipino Moro weapon, as part of our combat blade arsenal or TFW ancient weapons. Eighteen inches of deadly steel with beautifully carved exotic hardwood handle in an ornate scabbard with locking spring lock retainer. This weapon is weighted forward for easily hacking a potential target accurately yet it is still effective for thrusting when needed. The unusual “saw looking” hook can be very handy when used in medium or close ranges. Our steel blends of 5160 and D2 with a sodium nitrate heat treatment makes for a lighter, harder steel making it razor sharp and amazingly quick.
This is one nice feeling bladed weapon 2nd to none.