Blade Length: 15″

Overall Length: 21.50″ Barong

Weight is 1 pound 1 ounce


The Barong (sometimes spelled Borung or Barung) is a leaf shaped bolos that are popularized by the Muslims, especially the Tausug tribes of the Southern Philippines. Which later on reached the Mangyan Tribes of Mindoro and Tagalogs of the Eastern Luzon Provinces. The unique leaf-shaped blade makes the Barong distinguishable from other Filipino weaponry.
Though weird looking to most people, these Barong Bolos have the most comfortable grip when used as a utility tool, and is one of the easiest to maneuver when used as a weapon. The infighting methods done with this type of weapon is also unique, and dangerous for the receiving side. It’s so funny how such a humorous design can be such a brutal weapon. This blade is a powerful addition to the Filipino practitioners collection. The Barong is said to be one of the bladed weapons used by the  Kuntao style in Southern Mindanao. Which explains the infighting methodology used with this type of bladed weapon.

For training with your Barong, We have the TFW Training Barong here for you –