Braveheart Sword


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Blade Length:42″
Overall Length: 56.5″

Braveheart Sword – William Wallace was a landowner who became historically famous for his role in the war of Scottish independence against the English. He was one of the main figures in this movement, circa 1300 AD. He has achieved icon status in his native Scotland. In the modern era we are familiar with the Movie, Braveheart starring Mel Gibson.

The Mammoth Scottish broadsword depicted in the movie is said to be an accurate representation of the original belonging to William Wallace and now kept in Dumbarton Castle, however controversies surround when the actual sword was constructed. Our blademaster’s rendition of the William Wallace Braveheart sword is even larger than the Scottish Great Sword, The Claymore, which we recently added to our European sword series. Indeed, the Braveheart Sword may very well owe it’s lineage to the Claymore, itself.

Some of the distinguishing features of our Braveheart Sword are it’s double-ringed leather wrapped handle and hand guard over the lower blade. The latter allows the sword wielder to gain a double handed grip for increased leverage and speed in battle. A nicely fitted scabbard meshes neatly with the cross guard and is adorned with leather wrappings and carry hardware. You can’t go wrong with this working copy of the Braveheart, forged from our special 5160/D2 Nitrate treated steel, with live razor edge, tough and agile. Whether purchased for your wall or for use in cutting or Medieval reenactments, you will proudly have the best of the breed with our Braveheart!