Burton Richardson’s Battlefield Kali Certification Program



BATTLEFIELD KALI SWORD PROGRAM – Want to learn how to actually fight with your Traditional Filipino Weapons you got from the TFW web site? Imagine someone coming at you with a bladed weapon and you do not know what to do with yours to fight back? Then this is the program for you!

Taught by world-renowned combat instructor Burton Richardson, this series teaches you how to deal with someone who is really coming at you. In order to know how to defend a weapon, you must first learn how to use the weapon. Four discs full of techniques, tactics, and training methods explained clearly in great detail. You will also see full live sparring footage so you can get a good idea how it all goes down in the real world.

Burton’s unique approach, distilled from 35 years of traveling the globe to train with the world’s best sword fighters, will take you from beginner to expert faster than you can imagine. Buy it today!