Chinese Dan Dao



Blade Length:28.5″
Overall Length: 36.0″
Weight – 2 LBS, 12 oz

Chinese Dan Dao – A first, ever, for TFW is now the start of the Traditional Chinese weapons with this Dan Dao (Saber, or Broadsword) and the double-edged Jian.

With a powerful 28.5″ combat steel blade, it is all business, but with a stealthy beauty of eras gone by. Every inch of the distal tapered edge is razor sharp and of quarter inch stock. The history of the broadsword and saber in China is said to have begun by its creation by the god of war, Kuan-ti with its earliest recorded use occuring in the third century, A.D. The broadsword’s mastery by the common foot soldier is said to have taken one hundred days of consistent practice.

There are many variants of the Dan Dao, and The Traditional Chinese Weapons division of TFW is very proud, indeed, to present this powerful, yet elegant masterpiece.

Check out this Inside Kung Fu magazine article by Patricia and David Everett for some interesting history, legend, and facts about the Chinese broadsword and saber:

Chinese Broadsword: Descendant of the Green Dragon  (Note: PDF Reader Required)