Blade Length:42.5″
Overall Length: 55″
Weight: with sheath included 7 lbs 10 ounces
Claymore – The infamous Scottish Claymore, or “Great Sword,” is our largest sword, to date! At an astounding 55 inches long is is almost five feet tall! The massive razor sharp blade, alone, is almost four feet long! Yet for all of its size this is an amazingly agile blade, capable of unheard of cutting power at close to long ranges. The tempered 5160 with added D2 hand forged blade was an awesome feat of dedication for our sword-smith to produce and what a phenomenal result.
You will love the molded leather covered, ribbed handle and enormous guard and beautifully treated pommel, …and the scabbard, alone, is a work of art. With this blade you’ll feel that you have a museum piece, for sure. Since the famous sword of legend, Excalibur, was thought to be a Claymore, King Arthur, himself would surely approve of our TFW Claymore.
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