Espada Y Daga



Sword Blade Length: 20″
Daga Blade Length: 10.50″
Sword Overall Length: 26″
Daga Overall Length: 14.25″
Sword balance point: approximately 6 inches from finger guard (historically accurate balance point and measurements)

Espada YDaga – The Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife set) is a system or of sword fighting techniques that were developed and perfected in the Philippines. The focus of this method of fighting is to be able to go in and out of long, middle and close ranges to trap up the enemy and kill. Though it has European influence, it is now a fighting method indigenous to the Philippines, one of the inspirations for it’s evolution is said to be European fencing, mostly Spanish; as you can see by the Spanish name of “Espada Y Daga!” One of the few long lasting cultural and martial influences the Spanish conquistadors left with the Filipinos was the Spanish names to some of the techniques and the names of the fighting systems popularly known as Arnis or Eskrima (sometimes spelled Escrima). The Filipinos imitated the Spanish version of Espada Y Daga and soon found the weaknesses working a way to make the offensive moves complicated so Spaniards could not counter it.

To be able to coordinate such skills with a sword and knife together consisted of many hours of training drills for the development of the proper reflexes and good flow in using two weapons for parrying, checking, scooping, thrusting and slashing. Included in this training was the incorporation of geometrical footwork, body angling for evasiveness to be able to close in and attack without being killed. Various locking, and takedowns from Dumog are normally added once a student has demonstrated good fighting skills. Both the Espada and the Daga (sometimes spelled “dagga) are employed at the same time with beautiful looking weave like movements are very deceiving and quick to finish the job!