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Blade Length: 11.15″
Overall Length: 15.75″

Gunong – The Gunong, a shorter fighting and knife of the Maranao tribes, is commonly referred to as the Kris Knife outside of the Philippines. The Gunong is a thrusting blade that is sometimes used in conjunction with the Kris Sword. If you notice, The Gunong has no finger guard. Instead the tang extends back from the spine of the blade so that the blade hangs below the handle, protecting the fingers from an opponent’s blade. That also protects the fingers from running up onto the edge during thrusts. This particular design has a flat area for more comfort in handling which is the design of the blade maker for the Gunong we have here. Different versions of Gunong designs will be seen various tribal knife makers. It is considered an important side arm and is used in close quarter fighting.