Kris Sword #5



Blade Length: 23.5″
Overall Length: 29″

Kris Sword #5 – Our latest edition to the Moro Kris family of blades from the Southern Philippines, Kris #5, is distinctly traditional. Every effort has been made to have each detail represented with authenticity in the fashion of the Moro tribesmen of Sulu & Mindanao.

As with our other Kris swords, the #5 is extensively used by the Tausug, Samal and Yakan warriors. The waves of each Kris denotes a flame or a serpent (depending on who has made it and for what purpose). The Kris with the most wave will always be carried by someone with the authority and believed to give the deepest thrust and could even go through the enemy’s body. The notches on our Kris #5 represent the number of kills performed by the weapon, and while you will receive this Kris anew the notches will remind that this blade is representative of one used in battle. The waves are simply variations that tells a stranger where they came from, what region, or land, or their position in the community. The Kris has a rather vague history with folklore giving many varying accounts where some also believe that it is symbolic of the stingray’s tail. Some believe it’s a design of the mythical serpent or dragon and some believe it has a distinct religious association. There are so many reasons why the blade of a Kris is shaped like a crawling serpent. Whatever the reasons are, these type of swords can deliver the most damage when used with both slash and thrust movements. Hacking works well with this sword due to it’s unique design. The unique design of the Kris distributes the weight perfectly for hacking anything it hits in half! There are many versions of the Kris and each version has names that are not far from it’s original name, like Kalis, Keris, etc.