Maliit Na Stick – a thinner Kali Rattan stick


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Maliit Na Stick – in Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines) means small stick…pronounced as (molly-it). People have been asking for a thinner stick for a while now so to have something for everyone, we now have a thinner stick.

These sticks are 5/8’s to 3/4’s of an inch thick. These smaller sticks whip fast and are good for demonstrations showing off your FMA stick fighting skills.  They are all soaked in an all natural oil so they last longer than most other peoples sticks out there. Even against thicker rattan, these hold up very well.

We have many different size sticks. Some are rattan training sticks of various sizes, some are the actual Iron wood sticks, the weapons of the ancient past prior to metal being  mainstream in the Philippines as well as the rest of SE Asia. Look here – to see all the TFW fighting sticks for Filipino Martial Artists.