Northern Sansibar #1



Blade Length: 17.25″
Overall Length: 23″

Northern Sansibar #1 – These newly forged “Northern Sansibars” are a fine new addition to our previous 5 full sized Sansibar collection and have shorter blades by approximately 4 to 5 inches. They are extremely quick, in-fighting blades, yet are extremely solid with full quarter inch spines at the guard, as well as the #2 having a unique Spanish influenced hand guard. The Northern Sansibars – Beautiful, yet deadly!

The Spanish had a hard time getting through the thick jungle and mountainous area of the North. Many Spanish died trying to conquer the norther Philippines but the people there, mostly Igorot tribes, were deadly and brutal fighters. Plus they knew their own terrain and how to utilize it where the Spanish Conquistadors had a big problem with it. This is one of the bladed weapons that were used in this battle. How it got from the Cebu and Leyte area is not known precisely though tribes traveled and traded goods among each other quite a bit. Having a bladed weapon from another area and slightly changing its design is not unusual in the Philippines.