Pakal Knife Set



Pakal #1 – Blade Length:3.50″
Overall Length: 8.50

Pakal #2 – Blade Length:5.00″
Overall Length: 9.75″

Pakal #3 – Blade Length: 3.75″
Overall Length: 9″

We are now offering the TFW Pakal knife Set as a great deal if you buy all 3 at once.  Many TFW bladed weapon fans are getting these Pakal knives.  Its not easy to find that perfect fighting knife that feels comfortable in both standard and ice-pick grip. The TFW Pakal knives feel perfectly comfortable in both grips. Comfort is of the utmost importance for tactical purposes.

If you want to buy them individually or to get more information, you can see all of them on this link –

We are offering this deal where you get both, the traditional sheath as well as the Kydex sheath for easier carry. The traditional sheath can be used to display these beautiful knives or for knife demonstrations and teaching historical traditions.