Panay Tenegre



Blade Length:17.50″
Overall Length: 23″

Panay Tenegre – The Panay Tenegre is a new addition to our arsenal of blades originating from Panay Island in the Visayan region of the Central Philippines. With its wide belly and downward pitch to the angle of the blade, this razor sharp bolo-like weapon hits hard, but is quick and manueverable.
This beauty is then finished off with an Adaan hardwood handle carved in a traditional “horse’s hoof” design with a 2.5 inch blued steel ferrule, then mated to an intricately carved scabbard. A fitting addition to any collection or test cutting inventory. As with all TFW swords, you are getting a top notch combat ready blade at an extremely reasonable price. This quality is matched nowhere else. Hand tempered high carbon steel blade stays sharp and will cut through just about anything!