Blade Length:13.25″
Overall Length: 19″

Pinsawali – A wonderful new crop of Moro blades has recently been delivered by our master bladesmith in the Philippines to round out our collection from this region of the islands. We now possess in the TFW bladed weapon arsenal, all of the weapons on the famous “Weapons of Moroland” plaque.
The Pinsawali, at only 19 inches overall, is an amazing specialized in-fighting weapon with a razor sharp 13 inch blade. Permanently affixed to the blade is a beautiful handcarved handle of exotic wood, finished with cord-wrapped accents which contribute to a extremely secure grip, fitting the hand exactly. Accompanying this unique sword is a hand-carved scabbard with retaining clip and accented with securely wrapped rattan skin lashings.

In researching this bladed weapon for its origins, the Pinsawali definitely looks like the short sword used by the  ancient tribe of Mindanao called the Manobo.  Even though the Manobo, like all tribal people,  are modernizing, this blade is still carried by some people today.

We feel that the Binakuko, along with the Janap, Kambantuli, and Pinsawali, make the perfect set, being similarly sized, fast, sharp and uniquely crafted. Why not invest in all four? These blades are bound to increase in value over the years as this art-form may gradually die out.
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