Pira Cotabato



Blade Length:16″
Overall Length: 24.75″

Pira Cotabato – Although not as well known as the Barong, or Barung, this Moro weapon is characterized by a wide tip and heavy blade and has left behind it a long history of fear and death. It is respected throughout the Philippines due to its use in decapitating the enemies of its owners.

A Philippine native tribe called the Yakan of Moroland popularized this infamous, yet handsome, sword. Only the Pira Cotabato was more popular than the original Pira because it has become a working blade, in use from the farms to the seaport markets (for chopping meat and large fish such as tuna and whale). Note that this blade design possesses the devastating impact of a barong, while also incorporating a very powerful thrusting point!