Punyal Knife #2



Blade Length:9.75″
Overall Length: 14.5″

Punyal Knife #2 – The Punyal is indigenous to the Southern Philippines near the Maranao, and is commonly known as a “Weapon of the Moro Lands.” Its exact origins are unknown to us today. There are several different designs of the Punyal – some straight-edged and some straight with a double edge, or with waves like a Kris blade. The Punyal is worn like a side arm by tucking it in the owner’s sash. Although wearing one does not suggest asking for a fight, a man may wear it due to its multipurpose use. Today, as in days past, men who have a Punyal tend to show it off and compare it with their friend’s weapons in an appreciation of its art and beauty. The sheaths are always well decorated and the handles beautifully carved.

The Punyal, like the Gunong, is commonly known as a “Kris knife.” It is originally a knife crafted by the Maranaw tribal blade makers traditionally for fighting, although as mentioned, the Punyal can serve other utility functions as a tool, the straight edged Punyal used more in that role. The Punyal is amongst the favored weapons of the highly skilled Kuntao warriors of the southern areas of Mindanao, and although significantly shorter than a Kris sword, it can serve as well for combat purposes.

The Punyal is basically used in close quarters knife combat, in the infighting method of the Kuntao martial art style. Usually a sword will be drawn first, but if there is no sword available, for whatever reason, the Punyal is always with the owner and ready to use in any self-defense situation.

This fine wavy-edged Punyal Model #1 is reminiscent of the Kris swords, with the speed and penetrating power of its larger brethren!

Like all TFW bladed weapons, it is made of the highest quality steel blends of 5160 and D2 with a sodium nitrate heat treatment. Look through the pictures, the blade makers of these Punyal knives did a lot of work to make them second to none. The Punyal knives as well as the sheaths are real works of art.