Roman Gladius


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Blade Length:22″
Overall Length: 29.5″

Roman Gladius – TFW continues to broaden out to encompass blades of all cultures and our Roman Gladius is one of two new European swords to be added to our cataloge of international edged weapons.

A Roman soldier would have been quite proud to own this beautiful specimen of the foot solider’s lethal weapon that helped conquer much of the known world beginning in approximately 360 BC, before the Punic wars. The beautiful and functional knobbed handle will rest quite securely in your hand. It is constructed of multiple layers of handsome hardwoods, along with brass and is topped off with a deadly brass spike! The blade is hand forged of our incredible special 5160/D2 blend, which is tough, holds an edge amazingly well, yet is strong and flexible. The razor sharp Gladius blade terminates in a penetrating triangular point, typical of this breed of blade.

The sheath is a leather skinned wood scabbard with fine brass fittings and double lashing rings on both sides to facilitate hip or back carry by means of cord or straps of your chosing. A proud brass spike adorns the scabbard end to remind one of the deadly blade within.

So, put some ancient history in your hand with our soon-to-be-legendary TFW Roman Gladius!