Sanduko Y Daga




Daga Blade Length:7″ 3/4′
Daga Over-all Length: 13″
Sword Blade Length: 18″ 5/8″
Sword Over-all Length: 25″
Daga Weight without sheath: 9 ounces

Daga Weight with sheath: 11 ounces
Sword Weight without sheath: 1 pound, 5 ounces
Sword Weight with sheath: 2 pounds 2 ounces


Sanduko Y Daga – The Sanduko is a top heavy blade  to hack off whatever it came into contact with. This Sanduko and Dagger design was brought in the northern Philippines by the early settlers from Indonesia almost 900 years ago. Used as a very well engineered weapon for the typical slashing or hacking to thrusting tactics typical of SE Asian warriors, especially the Filipino ancient tribal people. This Sanduko and Dagger was also used for farming, trimming tree branches, and dressing animals for feast. The small dagger that goes with it serves as the cutter for things that the long blade cannot accomplish easily.  Such as peeling fruits, sharpening stick tips, and cutting the meat into small pieces, not to mention a deadly follow up weapon by skilled swordsmen during actual battles.  When the revolution called upon the Filipinos, these combinations of farming tools became very deadly weapons for the resistance.

Traditionally, this set did not come with belt clips. We put them on because we do not wear ancient Filipino clothing. We had to adapt to what we wear today. If you do not want clips on yours, just take them off and put them away in a safe place in case you change your mind later on. This is good if you want to get into the history, describing how it was done in ancient times.