Saw Tooth Iron Wood Stick


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Overall Length: 26″
Width: 1.5″

Saw Tooth Iron Wood Stick – This Filipino Iron Wood Flat Stick is like no other. It is strictly a weapon used for doing serious harm to an enemy. This primitive looking Iron Wood Stick has a piece of forged steel sandwiched between two pieces of extra hard Gijo wood (sometimes spelled – Guijo or Guiho). But it doesn’t end there…
…the steel in-between the Gijo wood slabs is hand filed into saw teeth, exposed beyond the wood. When you strike with this “stick,” it not only breaks what it hits but rips up muscle and bone. The butt end of the saw-tooth stick also has a crescent design which adds to the danger on the receiving end of this “weapon of total destruction.” Survivors of battles that got hit with such weapons cause fear in other tribes due to having to watch their fellow tribesman suffer due to pain and open wounds that could not heal.

Originally back in ancient times, the “saw blade” aspects of this weapon were made from animal teeth or sharks teeth when they were able to get them. When steels were introduced to the Igorot through trade, they started making these saw tooth sticks that would last much longer through many battles if need be.