Overall Length with Case – 17”
Overall Length of Sword – 16”
Handle Length – 5”
Blade Length – 10.75”
Weight – 13 oz without sheath
TANTO – The Tanto is a Japanese knife that can be either a single or a double edged dagger or knife. The Tanto has no real exact traditional length. It can range from six to twelve inches in length, and like most knives from different cultures of the ancient past, can be used as both, a stabbing and slashing weapon. The Tanto first surfaced between the years 794 and 1185 AD as just a standard weapon. The Tanto was a practical blade born out of necessity. These weapons were mainly carried by Japanese samurai warriors. Women carried a smaller version of the Tanto, called a Kaiken, and were used for self-defense. It was useful for self-defense by both, men or women in ancient times in more indoor spaces where the long blade such as the Katana or the Wakizashi were inconvenient to use in smaller tight spaces.
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