TFW Braveheart Sword



Blade: 42′ Blade

Overall Length: 56 3/8

Weight: 5 lb 8.5 oz

P.O.B.: 3 3/4

Grip Length: 10 1/2′

Pommel: Threaded


One of the most recognizable features of the movie called, Braveheart is the sword wielded by William Wallace. No one really knows the exact look of the Braveheart Sword though some claim to know, but there is no real historical proof as of yet. Then there are others some dispute the legitimacy of this sword being used by William Wallace as a myth. We may never know exactly but from written descriptions, this seems to be the closest to the looks of his powerful sword. It is said that William Wallace did have a sword custom fitted to his own liking. 

It does have the look of a Scottish Claymore with some subtle differences.  It is quite unique among both film swords and historically inspired replicas. A long, double edge blade has a shape like a cross or crucifix on the hilt like many European Swords of that era of time. It also has a long handle for that extra torque when swinging this deadly beautiful sword during battles. The traditional Claymore looking ball on the pommel completes the all the fittings of this particular sword.

This large sword has a double edged razor sharp blade of 5160 with added D2 high carbon steel, the same steels all TFW bladed weapons are made from. The base of the blade is wrapped in tightly fitted leather; this wrapping makes this sword very comfortable during its use.

The robust cross-guard and pommel are blued steel and the grip is overlaid in tight leather.

The sword comes with a large scabbard of stained wood. The scabbard locket and the metal point of a scabbard have stitched leather over wood. Leather bands with brass rings facilitate the wearing of the scabbard.

This large sword is a savage chopper. For such a large sword it is not overly heavy; it is only between 5 and 6 pounds.

This sword is clearly based on the sword used by Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace in the movie called ‘’Braveheart.’’ This version however, is no mere movie prop. The TFW Braveheart Sword is extremely functional.

This is our other Scottish Sword in the TFW collection –