TFW Motivational music by the Tribal Music Warriors



By popular demand we have created a motivational tribal sound in a modern format that is very audibly appealing. For many years I have been hearing how people are looking for music to play in their Filipino martial art classes, and other martial art styles as well. It is well noticed that students playing Kali/Arnis/Eskrima or Kuntao listening to this music during class have better rhythm and improve their skills levels by getting better timing following the beats in the Warrior Vibrations album. This was all put together by Paul Kramarz, with Bongo Dude Mark Capsalors, Woody Floyd  on various percussion instruments.  There were also  some students of the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, Connecticut playing the various weapon in a drill format fitting the rhythm of the music, as you will hear on the album.

Sword and impact weapon training has such a rhythm to it once people have it down well. We basically took the rhythm of the training sword and impact weapons and added a tribal beat with many different primitive instruments and added some guitar and a few other modern sounds and put together this unbelievable sound. Its so good, I can see people listening to it anywhere they go not just training their martial art style.

Here are some musical samples of the Tribal Music Warriors: