Overall Length with Case – 27”
Overall Length of Sword – 25.5”
Handle Length – 6.25”
Blade Length – 19”
Weight – 1 lbs 4oz
WAKIZASHI – The term Wakizashi did not originally specify swords of any official blade length and was an abbreviation of “wakizashi no katana.” That term was applied to companion swords of the katana regardless of size. even the Tanto was called a Wakizashi. As a means of displaying trust and respect, the Samurai would leave his main sword at the door with a servant keeping the smaller sword, the Wakizashi by his side. A Samurai would wake in the morning and reach under his pillow where his Wakizashi as well as his Tanto rested. A short sword being more advantages than just a warriors empty hand skills against a potential enemies bladed weapon. It only makes sense that a warrior of those times would always be prepared in ancient and feudal Japan. The Wakizashi in ancient times were worn on the left side, secured to the traditionally worn waist sash.


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