War Golok



Blade Length: 17.50″
Overall Length: 24″

War Golok – Sometimes spelled – Gulok in the Philippines. The only sword that ever existed in the Philippines that does not have a pointy tip. The reason for the lack of a point on this blade was during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines, they (the Spanish) had a hard time contending with the tactical slashing and thrusting fighting methods of skilled rebel sword fighters, so the Spanish broke the tips off their swords, then a law was formed that all machetes had to be made with no tip. This was more in the Luzon area of the Philippines where the Spanish occupation was more prevalent. The Golok is needed for jungle survival so their swords could not be just taken away. The tribes consider this as their “multi-purpose tool,” for it can be used to chop wood for fire, carve wood and create decorations. It can also be used for butchering meat, peeling and slicing fruits, and many more uses. The tribal wars that existed between tribes found another use for the War Golok so it evolved to become their personal weapon and adapted a very deadly fighting system with this type of sword regardless of having no tip for thrusting.