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The TFW Straight Kris used on the TV show, ARROW – by Ron Kosakowski

I think you folks will find this to be quite interesting.

The TFW Straight Kris was the sword used in the popular TV show called ARROW.  Yes, Oliver Queen, know as the “The Green Arrow,” a DC comic book based character was killed by the TFW straight Kris as found on – https://www.traditionalfilipinoweapons.com/shop/straight-kris/

Look at this scene in the video. below where Oliver Queen is killed with the TFW Straight Kris:
The TFW Straight Kris used on the TV show, ARROW.
The TFW Straight Kris used on the TV show, ARROW.

They called me when they were making the first season of Arrow to buy 8 of them. Then they called me during the making of the second season to buy 10 more. It looks like it was taken apart and cut in half a few times to do these various sword fighting scenes. The special effects guy did a beautiful job showing the sword going right through the body. It looked like it was the end of the Green Arrow. But like all superheros, he came back to get his revenge.

To do all those quick moving stunt-fight scenes, they must have done a lot of work to those Kris Swords to make them safe for stunt fighting. The TFW Kris, like all TFW swords and knives, all are solid and razor sharp. To do the crazy stunt fighting on ARROW that was done with the TFW Straight Kris,  I would imagine that took a lot of work. The swords looked like the real deal.

Here are some quick stunt fighting scenes from ARROW, the first season they used the TFW Straight Kris:

You have to admit, the Kris sword is quite interesting and one of the most unique swords in the world today. I can see why it would be a good choice for a big time action-based TV show. Kris history can be traced through the study of carvings and bas-relief panels found all over Southeast Asia. It is believed that the earliest Kris prototype can be traced to Dongson-bronze culture in Vietnam circa 300 BC that spread to other parts of Southeast Asia. Another theory is that the Kris was based on daggers from India. There are quite a few “serpant-looking” swords and even daggers found in India over the years, now belonging to collectors and museums. Some of the most famous renderings of a Kris appear on the bas-reliefs of Borobudur (825) and Prambanan temple (850). Prior to Islam, there was quite a Hindu and Buddhist influence in the Philippines as well as a lot of SE Asia so that theory tends to make sense, though it is still conjecture.

We have the largest Kris Sword Collection in the world. Look on TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com to see it for yourself.
We have the largest Kris Sword Collection in the world. Look on TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com to see it for yourself.

One thing for sure. If you are into collecting movie swords, or you are a sword collector, here is another option, a conversation piece in your collection.

TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com had a name change…

Just in case you did not notice, TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com once called “Traditional Filipino Weapons” is now called TFW.

The reason for this change is because we have been adding so many different swords and knives from various cultures. When we started off, we were focused on just Filipino swords and knives Right from the start, it went very well  where collectors all over the world were happy to collect such high quality bladed weapon all combat ready and razor sharp. We are the only blade company right now to blend D2 and 5160 with a sodium nitrate heat treatment right now. That steel blend and heat treatment allows for a much longer lasting edge. Thats just one of the things that makes TFW swords and knives so appealing to customers.

So you know what made us go through the name change – it was due to popular demand where people started asking about different European bladed weapons and also many other swords and knives from other parts of Asia besides just the Philippines. We even have the well known American fighting knife called the Bowie Knife. At least the name we have now…TFW, is not an extreme change so I went with TFW for the name. Its fitting and popular now all over the world for all kinds of bladed weapons without confusion.

There has been a lot of research of museums, people that own old bladed weapons, and the web to find the ancient specs and designs. Now you know how we always find these old bladed weapons to bring them back to life again. On top of all that, we are even coming out with some more tactical modern day bladed weapons that I know you will all like.

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