“These are definitely the best quality blades that I have seen on the market today. These blade makers in the Philippines do excellent work. I will definitely let people know about these weapons for you.”

Guro Dan Inosanto

Certification of Traditional Filipino Blade Authenticity:

“Filipino Blade making technology had been dated back during the Sri-Visaya Empire to the Majaphajit Empire that ruled the continent of 20,868 Islands called the Indonesus. The Maharlikas otherwise known as the Philippines named after the King Philip of Spain contributed 7,169 Islands reduced by the Treaty of Paris of 1898 to 7,100 Islands. The authenticity of the Blade making technology was parallel to the presence of the Boroboudor Temple at Jayajakarta, Indonesia , one of the wonders of the world. And in the Philippines the presence of the Rice Terraces on top of the Mountain located in Mountain Province.

All these landmarks in Java, Summatra, Iran Jaya,Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Malaysia, Madagascar and the Philippines showed the presence of the Malay culture that once for more than 1,2000 years, these cultures maintained the Blade Supremacy that the Chinese recognized the Blade configurations far different from the Chinese Broad Sword , far different from the Japanese Samurai.
Each blade known as Kalis.

Made along the side of the person that intends to own it and as the steel was heated up and about to be pounded, the Panday or the Blade maker, test the blade to the hand of the owner for weight and feeling of comfortable slash and thrust . Before the final tempering and shaping of the “EYE” of the combat Bolo, the final feel of the owner will be made into final Blade as a combat blade. After the technical finishing, then the blade is dedicated for metaphysical power to be used in cutting other blades that it may contact in the final battle.

The blades ( Bolos) of different design distributed by Ron Kosakowski, owner of Traditional Filipino Weapons, is genuinely designed as purely combat blades made by experts from Bontoc Province in the Far north of Luzon whose family belongs to one of the 8th tribes existing in the Cordilleras today. The design are expertly patterned in the traditional archives of Bolos stored into the natives blade making system now open for the first time by the Forondo families with the purpose to present the Blade culture of the Filipinos as real including the Fighting system of Pekiti-Tirsia inseparably works together in the field of real combat.”

“I highly recommend you subscribe to the original Filipino bolos for reality and long lasting memory.”

GT Leo T. Gaje, Jr 8/1/2007
Pekiti-Tirsia Supreme Grandmaster
Bocolad, Philippines


I am posted up on a detail tonight. It has been pretty busy at work. I just wanted to take the time to share how blown away I have been with this TFW balisong. It is so far ahead of anything on the market. I am a LEO/Instructor and FMA practitioner and I am telling you the attention to detail in this product is amazing!

Therefore moment I opened this bali, I knew this thing was made by, and for fighting people. The edge/tip geometry, also the little things like where the actual edge begins so less biting in case of opening on latch side, in hurry. I am still shaking my head. The overall substantial weight the little things that only true students of violence can appreciate.

I will be placing an order for another one soon. with some of my guys, probably soon to follow. I also look forward to checking out some of your other products as well. Just want to say thanks and will be speaking with you again soon.


John S. Ashley Chief Instructor
Real Combative Solutions LLC

Hello Ron,

The gladius is now arrived. Thank you for quick shipping. You asked me for a comment to the gladius. Here it is: This is probably the finest gladius you can find for this price. In comparison to other competitors in this market this gladius – I own some of them – is certainly that one with the most accurate and functional details. Especially the handle and the horn pieces are very beautiful. The blade fits perfectly into the scabbard and shows the different hardening – structures similar to a katana-blade. At all this is definitely the sharpest blade to find at modern gladius – variations. Also the tip is well sharpened. The TFW – gladius is easy to swing and very quickly to thrust and you can understand why the Romans were able to conquer their imperium with such a weapon. An ancient Roman legionary would say: Si talem gladium duces, victoria tibi certa erit. Thank you and good further success of your business.

Stefan Ziellenbach


I just got the “Pira Cotabato” this morning and I definitely agree with the testimonials that I’ve read in your site. It is really beyond my expectations. It is the only blade that I’ve ever seen with this kind of excellent quality and craftsmanship. I’m sure I’ll be ordering some more in the future. I salute your work “TFW”. I will definitely recommend this blades to other enthusiasts. Thank You for preserving the Filipino History through this blades.

More power to TFW
Raymond Manterola
Naga City, Philippines


I just received the Ginunting, I have to say this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I love everything about it, from the contour of the handle, the sheath with the molded grip and awesome retention clip, and the blade itself is both solid and sharp. The quality and workmanship is beyond what I expected. I’ve handled many bladed weapons and i have to say this has the best flow I’ve felt while doing drills. I also have to commend you for your professionalism and customer service. That gave me enough confidence to also order a Panabas.

As an American born Filipino I have to thank you for providing such excellent products and service that represent the Filipino culture.

Thank You,
Dennis Martinez

Dear Ron,

I got the blades today. They would have arrived yesterday but obviously austrian customes are unable to deal with shipments that don’t have an ebay-auction number… Even so, less than 1,5 weeks from the US to Austria is quite fast. Thanks! I really love what you sent me. To be honest, after all the recommendations your shop came with I was afraid that reality could never live up to the hype yet you easily surpassed all expectations. I’ve never seen such precision combined with that feeling of something handmade. The wood on the grips actually looks- for lack of a better word – alive. The blades are razor-sharp, light and agile yet still feel rock solid. Thanks so much for your effort.

Yours Sincerely,,

Como esta Y’all!

I recieved my spear today. It arrived very quickly, Thanks! It is a beautiful, compact, light weight, fast handling spear. The perfect size and weight to take into the jungle. The unique shape of the head allows for picking fruit as well as prey. A truly multipurpose and very usefull spear. I collect spears and this is one of the few that would travel and hike with me very well, lika a “carbine” style spear. I dig it! Thanks Again,

Robby in Corpus Christi

Hey Ron,

I just posted a review of your Ginunting on my self defense blog:


Thought you might want to add a link on your testimonial’s page. Thanks
for the terrific sword! Next time I’m in the US I plan on ordering a
couple more,


Hello Guro Ron,

I bought two swords from you, the dahong palay and the visayan barong. I’m very proud of these swords and I always take good care of them and never planned on using them for anything but as a display…until today. As you know, fall is just around the corner and I found myself needing a chainsaw to take care of some small trees and saplings in my backyard.

While I was going thru my toolshed and preparing to tackle the tedious job of clearing brush a thought came to me, use the visayan barong and see how effective it is… Wow! You wanna talk about a deadly hacking sword, it’s not just the ruggedness of the blade but the design of the handle, the parrot head handle prevents your hand from slipping off when you swing the sword. I examined the saplings that were cut and most of them look like they were cut in half with a laser, these babies are sharp!

Anyway, I cleaned up the barong and examined the blade after using it and it’s still pretty sharp. I’m glad I bought these from you and I will always recommend your site for anyone looking to buy top notch quality FMA weapons. Thank you for not compromising on the quality, you have good standards and your swordmakers are wonderful craftsmen. They don’t take shortcuts, I see this happen too often. As the saying goes, You get what you pay for…

I hope you have an awesome week,
Phil Duldulao
Boston Arnis Club

“Long time to search a traditional filipino weapons maker who can deliver the best quality steel and finition, a blade I can use for my personal training and, of course, with an attractive price.
I saw day by day your reputation growing up on the web and I bought finally a Visayan Barong and today with this weapon in my hands I know I didn’t make a mistake to chose you. What a great blade!

I live in France and It’s for me one of the best way to get traditional filipino weapons of quality.
I will continue to buy weapons for my personal collection. It’s just the beginning!
Great quality, significant weapons diversity, attractive price and you get your weapon very quickly.
I started to send emails to my FMA friends and instructors for promote your piecework.
All the best !”

‘Franckypof’ from Toulouse – France

“I received my Barong today, I am VERY happy with it. I own Cold Steel’s version, and this one is BY FAR better than theirs, balance, materials, finish are very nice, and the price isn’t much more than what Cold Steel is charging for an inferior product. I do have one question, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of finish on the scabbard, should I stain it or finish it is some other way to protect the wood? Thanks and I look forward to buying at least 5 more blades in the near future.”

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Ron –

“It’s a pleasure to have been introduced to you through Grand Tuhon Gaje who started me in the Pekiti-Tirsia system of close quarters blade work back in 1984. I have been a serious student of the martial arts (Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Filipino) for over 45 years and have been collecting blades for even longer. This means that I have owned and used many knives, swords, and other edged weaponry from different styles of martial combat, made here and abroad.

Let me say that your Sandata are, bar none, the highest caliber steel, handle materials, workmanship and design I have seen, not only in indigenous Filipino weapons, but in Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, and Korean, as well. I have sold many commercially made as well as custom blades in the past while owning and operating the White Lotus Martial Arts Training Center for over 25 years, so I have an eye (and hand) for selecting the best, at the best price point. Again, your Sandata are solid, sharp, balanced, and beautiful to the eye. They can cut through just about anything that a sword or knife would be capable of -and more! The “Appleseed” (convex) style grind ensures that the edges are both sharp – and strong! Far superior to the “hollow grind” of other such weapons. Finally, someone has made available real weapons for the collector and Philippine martial practitioner! I am truly thrilled and astonished by this find!

Thank you for the opportunity to have photographed this beautiful and functional blade art collection for your new website. It was a labor of love, to be close to so many fine blades! Here’s to your continued success, and looking forward to seeing many more models in the year to come!”

Dave Everett – 11/23/2007
Guro – Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
Headmaster – White Lotus Integrated Martial Arts
White-Lotus Photography
Hartford, CT


“The quality of my Pinute is amazing. There is nothing “replica like” about it. The first time I held this sword I knew it was authentic! The edge on this weapon makes it hard to accept the blade when training, commanding all my respect and attention. This is not just a decorative piece as seen on TV, but like all my other weapons it is a fully functioning tool. It is the first of many to come. I would recommend any serious weapon collector to buy from your stock. I have seen swords that are not even close to this caliber sell for twice as much. Ron thank for providing me with an authentic piece of my own cultural history, I couldn’t of asked for anything more.”

Guru Clint San Antonio

“My name is David ‘Buddha Bunch.’ I am a student of Soke Chaka Zulu in the Zujitsu- Ryu system of combat. I am a 3 rd degree Black Belt with 20 yrs. experience.”

“I recently purchased a Golok sword & a #3 Pakal knife from you. The weapons I found to be nothing less than astonishing! The Golok is extremely well balanced and with practice I am getting used to wielding a real weapon! This sword has easily chopped through small logs (unfortunately that’s all I can test it on for now!) with ease! What’s amazing about this weapon is that on a down stroke the power is amplified as you reach your destination of devastation!! Truly this sword will not fail you as long as you diligently practice with it!!!”

“Thank you Ron for a superior product that has enhanced my training totally!!!”

“Hey Ron,

I just received the Maguindanao Kris Sword. First of all, I would like to thank you for the quick service.

I can recommend this sword to anyone. The quality of the materials, be it the forged steel blade, or the brass fittings and the tropical hardwood handle, is outstanding. In addition, I find the sword design to be useful for either slashing or stabbing, with a gently waved blade. The handle fits well in the hand, and the overall balance of the sword is excellent. In addition, the sheath is well made and I appreciate the rattan strips reinforcing the sheath.

This is the first bladed weapon I have bought from you, but it won’t be the last. You can see that this sword is made for use, by serious people in the Philippines and is way beyond the mass produced examples available elsewhere.

So for anyone reading this, if you are considering any of the blades on this site, I believe you will not be disappointed. Ron, thank you for making authentic warrior blades from the Philippines available to martial artists and collectors around the world.”

Ara Koundakjian
Hemet California

“Ron, as you know I have been collecting blades for about 40yrs and have a pretty good size collection. When you first told me about these blades I was excited to see them. I was not disappointed at all. My Barong is just what I always wanted. The Ginunting is an awesome blade, The Panabas as well and the Espada Y Daga, everything a FMA practitioner needs. When you pick up and do a few practice cuts you feel the energy the makers put into creating them. They are SCARY sharp! My hands are big and they still fit as if they were made custom for me. I will be buying more. [Just don’t tell Cheryl]”

Dave Van Den Ameele

“The package of swords arrived fast and in good condition. Everything is great!! I’m
very pleased to your good service and quick delivery. It was pleasure to
make business with you and I will definitely tell everybody about you!”

And we are training Pekiti-Tirsia Kali..

– Jyri Rintala

“Good Morning! I have received my Golok. This is fine and beautifully made
weapon. I was very impressed! I have several swords and different blades
many sharp and “combat” steal. I can say without a doubt that the Golok
would go right my other swords. It has a nice tip heavy balance that
assists in completing the swing. This sword wants to chop something! Your
weapons are not the typical internet found weapons. They are pro! I want
to get another one very soon so I’ll place that order once I decide which one I want.
Thanks again!”


“Many thanks for the very fast service! They needed (including my order) only two weeks from USA to Germany!

They weapons are REALLY sharp and I looked forward to “try” them, but there was no good possibility until I was on a Pekiti Tirsia Summer Camp. A few friends (and of course: me) tested them on some bushes – the cutting power is unbelievable. I don`t want to think, what happens if you use such weapons in war…

A really funny thing was a look into our faces: They changed from “Astonished” to “What a fun” to “Massaker”….”

Again: Many thanks for that really good pieces,


“I just received my Espada Y Daga set from you and had to write and tell you just how fantastic it is. I have practicing the FMA for over 15 years and this is the highest quality weapons I have ever seen. They are not only extremely well made and attractive but the quality is second to none for practice or hard use. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you offering these weapons along with your fantastic customer service. It is very rare that someone offers such a quality product and a reasonable price and delivers it all with excellent customer service. You have my glowing endorsement and I look forward to adding more to my collection.”

Best Wishes,

Guro Bryan Mossey

“Hello TFW -Team,

thank you very much. Your package arrived on Saturday.

You asked for my opinion. You´ll get it.

This blade is worth every cent. It is great. I have seen many blades, but never one like this. It started to cut things right after I got it out of the box.
Please tell your weaponsmith he relly did a great job. I can realy recommend your blades to everyone.

In fact I don´t have enough words in english to describe everything. So I will continue in german.

Also an alle die mich verstehen:

Die Klinge singt. Wenn man sie in Händen hält fühlt man förmlich das sie benutzt werden will. Die Verarbeitung ist einfach einzigartig(Da wackelt nix – alles Bombenfest). So etwas habe ich bisher nur bei Sonderanfertigungen gesehen. Wer auch immer diese Klinge geschmiedet hat weiß was er tut. Nur jemand der auch mit einem Schwert umzugehen weiß, kann meiner Meinung nach, auch ein gutes Schwert schmieden. Die Balance ist wirklich gut und man hat immer das Gefühl die Klinge gut unter Kontrolle zu haben. Ich könnte noch lange weiterschwärmen aber trotzalledem nicht mehr sagen als das ist das beste Schwert was ich je in Händen halten durfte. Naja, jetzt ist es meins. 😉 Kauft Euch ein eigenes und Ihr werdet verstehen.

Maybe you´ll find someone to translate it. If you need a testimonial for German customers you can give them my name or email or this letter.”

Thank you very much, again.


Maris Klein
Würzburg, Germany

“Hi Ron,

Great Ginunting! Balance, craftsmanship is great. The first thing I did was I chopped a two-by-four to hell with it( I know I’m not supposed to), and it showed no damage to the blade, and the edge remained sharp. One of the best purchases I made for a very reasonable price. I look forward to buying more weapons from you in the future! Thanks for your services.”


“Having been in Martial Arts for nearly thirty years, I would personally like to thank Ron Kosakowski for introducing me to and enabling me to train with, what has to be the best weapons available anywhere today. The quality and feel of these blades is un-paralled. My advice to any collector or Martial Artist is not to look any further than right here, if you are serious about what you do!.”

Russ Newton 5th Degree .South Wales, U.K.

“My barong arrived today.

Well I must say as fellow practitioner of FMA, I was real skeptical on purchasing from your web site. I thought it was just another vendor wanting to sell their product which I am not against. But when it said it was combat ready and a good purchase for collectors, I was like yeah sure most likely cheap steel made from the same steel used to sell Samurai swords in the local cutlery store in the nearest mall. But when I opened it up and cleaned it up I was pretty impressed. I could tell right away that it was real as it gets.

I don’t know why, but I took a chance and I am pleased with my purchase. Sorry to have doubted you. I will most definitely purchase more and tell others about your website and show the quality of the blades. Again thank you very much…”


“What I like best about this barong is that it has a convex grind, rather
than the more commonly hollow grind, which is inherently weak. The convex
grind, although harder to sharpen for beginners, offers so much more steel
to back up the edge and it makes it the strongest kind of edge you can find
on a knife or sword. l

I think as a guy who also had a web based company that I started in 2000 and
sold in 2004, (you can find the site at: www.oldworldanvils.com, you need
to include a care and feeding of your new
sword, knife etc. A simple one page reminder that this is a carbon steel
knife and requires the same kind of care you high quality rifle requires.
This means keep it dry and apply a light coat of oil, when
not in use. I like to use a little bit of canola oil, because it’s
non-toxic. Just a suggestion for your consideration. This would prevent any
complaints about rust etc.

I’m looking forward to my Sanduko y Daga arriving this week. I’m going to cut
a hickory tree in half this week.”

All the Best,

Dan Morris
Rogers, AR

“Hey Ron. I recieved my “Espada y Daga” to day and I’m very pleased. I haven’t seen so good quality and excellent handcraft anywhere else. Just to feel how these knifes fits into the hand is just beautyful. I understand now why you told me to be careful with them they are really razor sharp and nicely balanced. I will recommend your site to all my martial art-friends and collectors and this won’t be the last time I buy knifes from you. Thank you again for a great deal and for your very good service:-)”

Best regards


“My Gijo sticks and Dahon Palay arrived today!

These weapons mean business. The sticks are serious! One of them is just the right weight for my hand, and its got a good grip and feel to it! The carving is not overdone and looks good. A really nice fighting stick.

The Dahon Palay is one long blade! It equals your average rattan stick. As you intuitively can feel by just looking at the blade, it is light and swift. It feels almost eager to make contact with something as you slash it through the air… The gentle curve of the blade is beautiful and the tip is very sharp. The sheath is also well made and has a nice fit for the blade.

This sword brings new qualities to my collection. My Kris (nr 1) is despite its broad blade a light sword, and it has an aggressive angle. The Ginunting is sturdy and has a military look and feel to it, and the Barong is just wonderfully balanced and really comes alive in your hand.

Thanks for bringing us these weapons! I’ll be back with another order sometime in the future.”

Med vänliga hälsningar,
Mathias, Sweden