The Garab knife, you will love this one…

The Garab knife is a very good fighting knife. Its been around a long time. [...]

The TFW Lahot explained briefly in a video…

The TFW Lahot is one must have for sword, or bladed weapons collectors in general. [...]

Sword Collectors all want the Swords From Krabi Krabong. Get them on the TFW web site!

If you are a sword collector especially a sword collector of various different cultures. We [...]

A cool looking eye-candy video on the many weapons of TFW…

I created another trendy video younger people seem to like nowadays – You can [...]

TFW T-shirts are cool looking…

We have a couple of TFW T-shirts that do look nice. They represent the weapons. [...]

Are you a bladed weapons collector? Then check out TFW items…

On the TFW web site, you will easily be a kid in a candy store. [...]

The Karambit from Southern Mindanao…

There is a heavy influence in Southern Mindanao in their martial arts from Indonesia. Many [...]

The Garab Sword, do you own one? Check this out…

The Garab sword is not heard of too much being its a more ancient sword [...]

The perfect self defense knife, the TFW Bowie Knife…

Before you read below, check out this Bowie Knife beauty video – Everyone always [...]

The TFW Sansibar #1…

The title shows it is #1…thats one out of a very large Sansibar collection found [...]

An Interview With Ron Kosakowski on FMA’s & Weapons of FMA’s…

NAME: Ron Kosakowski ART: Kuntao, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Inosanto Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, [...]

Dumog? What is Dumog?

I have always found Dumog and its history to be quite interesting. What I can [...]

Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS
By Ron Kosakowski

Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS By Ron Kosakowski It seems like home invasions even car [...]

Training weapons needed?

This is an all-in-one view for people who did not know we have training knives, [...]

The Knife Junkie Pod Cast

Check out Episode #56 on a Podcast called, The Knife Junkie.I am interviewed there for [...]

The TFW Straight Kris used on the TV show, ARROW – by Ron Kosakowski

I think you folks will find this to be quite interesting. The TFW Straight Kris [...]

An interview with Ron Kosakowski; an interview from the Ukraine…

If by chance you folks are interested, check out this interview from the Ukraine to [...]

Why do we train the ways of the ancient warriors?

Why is it that we train in so hard in martial arts, whether it be [...]

The History and Culture behind Filipino Weapons

Now this is based on knowledge I have acquired during my various Philippine trips over [...]

Misconceptions of the Moro Barong…

The Moro Barong is one of the weapons of certain Kuntao styles in the Philippines. [...]

What is this non-weapon oriented style called, Jeet Kune Do?

The founder and originator of Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do was [...] had a name change…

Just in case you did not notice, once called “Traditional Filipino Weapons” is now [...]

Does the word Kali actually exist?

Kali has been a controversial word for many years. i have heard this controversy that [...]

Hot New Product Release – The Minasbad Sword

Measurements. Overall length: 27 ¾ inches Blade length: 20 ¾ inches Maximum blade thickness at [...]

Burton Richardson Reviews TFW Blades


TFW Tribal Music CD Release.

Post by Traditional Filipino Weapons. [...]

One of the ways we practice sword fighting

At the Practical Self Defense Training Center In Waterbury, Connecticut, you will see in the [...]

Showing off TFW bladed weapon durability

Here in our video below is a whole different way to show durability of our [...]