Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS
By Ron Kosakowski

Self Defense for HOME INVASIONS

By Ron Kosakowski

It seems like home invasions are far more popular today than it was years ago. Why? Because of alarm systems for one. Its much easier to get to your home or even a car if it is occupied and for the most part, the alarms are usually off when you are home, or in a car.

If criminals already made it inside your home. The thought alone is alarming, but you can prepare yourself simply by running through this scenario in your head and maybe even practice these scenarios with your families. The mind prepares the body and scenario training is very smart to do by yourself and/or with the family.

Your first course of action should be to get out of the house immediately if possible. utilizing the front door, back door, or maybe a window. Get as far away as possible. Once you are in a safe place, call 911 of course.

In serious situations, you might need to consider escaping even if it means you are likely to hurt yourself. One injury is nothing compared to your life.

If escape is out of the question, barricading yourself might be an option. Keep in mind that many interior doors aren’t especially sturdy, so the best places to hide are areas of the home with heavy, locking doors where you won’t be detected. However, this is not always an option unfortunately.

Whether you’re barricaded or not, try to arm yourself with some sort of a personal weapon which should be readily available in everyone’s house nowadays. A firearm of choice is a smart move to have around either on you or where you can get right to it in these worst-case scenario situations.  If you do not have a firearm, baseball bat, a frying pan, a knife, or pepper spray can help also. In case you encounter the intruder, do the best you can to fight back.

I have always said to hide on the other side of your bed kneeling down with your pistol over the top of the bed ready to fire if they get through the door while calling 911. DO NOT FIRE A WARNING SHOT with a firearm. Shoot them as soon as you see them just in case they have a firearm. In such situations, they do not plan on coming in to tell you jokes. With impact weapons or bladed weapons, understand that you must strike weak points like the face, neck, and eyes or groin and follow up with multiple hits to ensure injury to your attacker(s)!

At the Practical Self Defense Training Center on Hamilton Ave in Waterbury, we cover all kinds of various scenarios just like they did to fit the needs or ancient warriors in the past. We have adapted Kuntao and Kali to fit the needs of today. No one is there to protect you or your family in home invasion situations. You have to fend for yourself in these dangerous situations. 

Tips you need to know:

  • A martial art background is a must have nowadays.
  • Have a gun in the house and educate children about them so they do not do stupid things with a gun.
  • Have other weapons such as bladed weapons around the house. 
  • Keep doors and windows locked at night.
  • Have a good alarm system.
  • Have a dog. A big dog is good but any dog that barks will get you moving quicker in these situations to be ahead of what they plan on doing or it will scare them off. 
  • Have automatic lights around the house.

Criminals do not like to be caught so they will go to an easier house to contend with if you follow the above methodology. 

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