Garab Sword



Blade Length:18.50″
Overall Length: 24″

Garab Sword – The Garab is sometimes seen as another version of Talibon or Talibong with some very subtle differences. This does not mean that everyone in the southern Philippines believes the same as others elsewhere in the Philippines. Many martial arts practitioners of the Philippines would rather be traditional and still call the “Garab sword” by it’s name. The handles and the modifications were done to achieve it’s unique look which simply states that this sword has it’s own identity. Many rich men and landlords carry a Garab while riding in their horses around their big land. It is not only a weapon, it is also a utility that is attractive to rich land owners.

I have a LOT of cut videos on Youtube. This particular one does show how well it cuts, however, this is the traditional use of many Filipino swords going back to ancient times. It definately proves what it can do in actual battles also: